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Saturday, 21 October 2017

I dare you to show me a single Christian who is wholly devoted to the Lord, who has an easy, trouble-free life. Show me a spirit-led, God-filled, anointed servant of the Lord, and I'll show you one who is chased, chastened, often baffled, and familiar to deep waters and fiery furnaces.
Tell me your Christian life allows for no distress or hard times, and I'll have to believe God has no great purpose for your life. Those who seek to avoid the difficulties seldom get the revelation of God's fullness. They attempt to use faith to exempt themselves from crisis, not realizing they are robbing themselves of the greatest opportunity to find out what is really in them. Then one day when trouble can no longer be avoided, they cave in, having no proven source of inner strength.
~ Rev. Doreen P. Grant, Doreen's Daily Delights,
   2 August 2006

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People remember you not for what you said or for what you did, but how you made them feel.
~ original author unknown

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